Privacy Policy

The website uses Google Analytics, a web audience measurement tool.

Using cookies, Google Analytics collects information about your navigation on this site, which are kept on servers located, in particular, in the United States. Google can communicate this information to third parties in the event of a legal obligation or when these third parties deal with the data for its account.

The information collected by the tool are, for example, the pages you are viewing, the date, time, time, and frequency of your visits and the links you click. The type of operating system of your computer as well as the language used, the name of your Internet service provider and geographic location (the region) are also part of the collected information. Your IP address is also collected, but it is anonymized (truncated) to ensure the confidentiality of information about you. Anonymization of an IP address prevents the identification of a user with the latter.

Google uses the information collected only to produce statistics and reports on navigation on this site, allowing the government to improve its electronic service delivery. Google will not put, in any way, in relation the information collected on this site with another data it keeps.

If you wish, you can prevent recording by Google with information about your navigation by installing, on your computer, the Add-in browser module for disabling Google Analytics.